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pixgrim, travel with the photos of the world

Stationary tripods 📍 geolocalised 🗺️ in an app

Identify the best viewpoints 🌄
Shoot postcard pictures 📷 on your own
Effortless (group 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦) selfies 🤳!
Collect 🏅 the p0ds
Enjoy food 🍽️ and culture 🎭 around you


pixgrim suggests you the best viewpoints to shoot. Let our website and mobile app help you in preparing your next trips.

Praparation d'un voyage avec pixgrim


The p0d is a stationary tripod that offers you the best viewpoints. Should you be a selfie'holic, a family picture lover, or simply a landscape photographer, shoot successfully in any circumstances!

Touristes utilisant un smartphone sur un p0d pour leur prise de photo


Collect all the pixgrim viewpoints by scanning the QR codes printed on the p0ds.

Validation du p0d par scan de QR code
Share photos, share moments

Are you lost? Any suggestion? Feel free to send us a message, we will be happy to communicate with you. Enveloppe pour contacter pixgrim