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About pixgrim

Our mission

Promote territories in need
Manage the tourist photo experience
Help for routing and master tourist flows


Omar Amara
I am Omar and I founded pixgrim.
When I travelled in Turkey, I wanted to take a selfie in the Suleymaniye Mosque gardens.
At the moment, I had no tripod. So that was really hard to find a spot where to position my camera.
In the end, I had a pic... but not the one I was expected, i.e. a nice well-framed and non-blurred pic in front of the monument.

pixgrim was born to help travellers in having the suitable stability framing for good pics.
In 2018, the project is supported by the BIC Innov'Up startup incubator.
There, we decided to sell the following service: photo "tripods",the p0ds, installed to offer the best viewpoints, and that can be found on a map available on a website and a mobile app.

Prototype pixgrim
The first wooden prototype that validate our initial idea

Consult "the pixgrim experience" section to better know our services

The team

Omar Amara

Omar Amara

Founder and manager of pixgrim
Environmental and ecolabel engineer


BIC Innov'Up

Start incubator


Oxyd Atelier

Art metalwork workshop, with mechanical engineering and design skills
Carried out the production of the p0d prototypes


Manon Ostrianine

Trainee at pixgrim during Spring 2019
Computer science engineer


Islam Larid

Freelance - Cross platform and fullstack development


Geoffroy Bresson

Freelance - Mechanical engineer
Designed the p0d 1st versions


Open Tourisme Lab

Startup accelerator
Manage the experimentation program we participate in Summer 2019

Are you lost? Any suggestion? Feel free to send us a message, we will be happy to communicate with you. Enveloppe pour contacter pixgrim