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For destinations

This section is dedicated to destinations willing to know how pixgrim can help for a better image ✨


Better social media marketing. Effortless

Show your site at its best

Place p0ds at strategic places and suggest the most photogenic spots of your site

Successful pics made by your visitors

Once you provide, by means of the p0d, appropriate framing and stability for sharp pictures, there is few space left for bad pics 🖼️

We like to share beautiful pictures. The p0d helps to have some.
Thus, your visitors will spread a nice image of your site on the social media.

Sapara monastery shot at 2 different location the same day

Nice pic 😍
😭 Insignificant pic
Sapara monastery from bad angle Sapara monastery from nice angle

pixgrim gets to the point
👉your site's beauty and its geolocation

Attract visitors that are close to you...

The pixgrim app suggests to the user the 4️⃣ sites that are the closest to its location.

... as well as far from you

With the website or the app, we allow the travellers to prepare their visits remotely 🏠
The user will have access to information about your site, and if seduced, the user will add you to the favorite list 💖

Our light map and the picture showing what makes your site special allows your future visitors to identify your site.

pixgrim web app
pixgrim Webapp

A product bridging reality and digital, as well as future trends and current practices

Communicate on a physical and digital product

Tell more about your site, on the p0d and within the pixgrim app 📖

IoT developments

We are at the beginning of the pixgrim adventure, and we have a lot of ideas!

👉Imagine games such as orienteering and the collect of p0ds around the world.

👉Imagine better-marked paths and adapted to our numeric time.

No generation is left behind as we slowly innovate the photo and social media practices towards more moderns usages
We have a lot to do with regards to Internet of Things (IoT). We count on you to be a pioneer with pixgrim 🌌

Scanning the p0d QR code

A solution accessible to all that contribute to more sustainable tourism

The p0d is designed to have the lowest environmental footprint as possible

High recyclability and local production, in your region, anywhere in the world

Dedicated photo areas to avoid wild trampling and disruption of ecosystems

Data to better master tourist flows

Anonymous data

On site traffic data

Consumers habits according to the typology of the places that are visited