Promote your products with targeted campaigns

See below how you can increase your sales with pixgrim

Or just write us 🤗

A reminder of our products

Stationary tripods 📍 geolocalised 🗺️ in an app

Identify the best viewpoints 🌄
Shoot postcard pictures 📷 on your own
Effortless (group 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦) selfies 🤳!
Collect 🏅 the p0ds
Enjoy food 🍽️ and culture 🎭 around you

The key feature 🗝️

Scanning the QR code guarantees you prospects who are physically close to your store.
W keep them loyal with a collection game that rewards them
Therefore you will offer extremely targeted campaigns 🎯

How you can promote your products

In our pixgrim map 🗺️

Have your store 🏪 associated to a p0d 📍 and target potential clients that are effectively near you 🎯

Loyalty program 🏅

Offer discounts to the most loyal pixgrim users 🤗

For what products?

📷 Photo 🤳

Broadcast commercials for cameras, tripods and other products related to photo

🧳 Travel 🚆✈️

pixgrim users are travellers.
Offer them discounts on plane or train tickets and hotel nights

🎭 Arts, gastronomy and local products 🍽️

Tourism is not only about photo and landscape.
It is also about living an experience.
Allow the visitors around you to discover your local know-how